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Variant Width for CMS items

Applying variant width to CMS items on the same list.
  1. First we need to add a field in our collection. This field tells the code what width the element should be. Let's use an option field and call it "Width".
  2. Next, we will set 3 options (you can give as many as you like) by text (so it can be easily translated into CSS classes) 'big', 'mid', 'small'.
  3. Now let's add this field to every item. We can give this field a class: 'variant-width'. Later we can also hide it with a 'display:none' property.
  4. All we have to do now is paste the code, that converts the text options in the option field on each item, to a CSS class.

BTW- This method can be applied to any css property.


 $(function() {

   $("div.variant-width").each(function() {

     var myclass = $(this).text();

     var mytarget = $(this).parent();

     switch (myclass) {

       case "big":

         mytarget.css("width", "50%");


       case "mid":

         mytarget.css("width", "33.33333%");


       case "small":

         mytarget.css("width", "25%");










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