Jul 6, 2022
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Maintain Form Height on Success

Using a little bit of jQuery to adjust the success message height

When we submit a Webflow form, and we want to keep the Success message height same as the form's, we usually give an absolute height to both or the parent. With this short snippet, we can leave the height property on 'Auto' so everything is responsive and fluid.

We 'bind' the 3 events that are relevant into one function:

  • Load - when the page load
  • Resize - If the user resizes the screen
  • Submit - When the form is submitted

On each of these events we find the height of the form element, and save it as a variable. Then we take this number and apply it to the sibling 'success' element.

Using the 'form' HTML tag, and the '.w-form-done' class inside the 'each' jQuery function, assures that this will work for each form on our page.

 $(window).bind("load resize submit",function(e){
   $('form').each(function() {
     var formHeight = $(this).height();
     $(this).siblings('.w-form-done').css({'min-height': formHeight});



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Try avoiding using "Transition: All". It is heavy on the browser's engine.

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