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Scroll Menu to Current Link

Using JS to scroll a div (menu) to the current link inside.

I see more and more designs with side scroll menus, so I figured we need a component that automatically scrolls the menu to our current link.

Our structure needs to be:

  • The "scrollable" DIV with overflow:auto, display:flex. This item needs an ID of 'scrollMenu'.
  • Inside the scrollable DIV we add all the links. Those can be static text-links elements, or dynamic list with a text-link in each item.

Our code waits for the page to load, and then checks for the current link's offset from the left, and then scrolls the menu in that amount. I added 20px padding for the menu, thus the "-20px"

Add this code to every page the menu appears on, at the page settings section "Before </body> tag"

 window.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', (event) => {

   const scrollDiv = document.getElementById('scrollMenu');
   const links = document.querySelectorAll('.link.w--current');
   const currentLink = links[0];
   const currentLinkOffset = links[0].offsetLeft - 20;
   scrollDiv.scrollLeft = currentLinkOffset;



browser mockup
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