Nov 24, 2019
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Simple Mega Nav (Similar to Mailchimp's)

A very simple mega navigation bar, opens on hover and changes background color on scroll.

Creating the Nav element is a short process recorded here.

Once we're done, we can add the short code, that changes the Nav background color when user has scrolled the page x pixels.


 $(window).on("scroll", function() {

   if ($(window).scrollTop() > 100) {


   } else {






We can see that the code adds the '.white' classname to the '.mega-nav'. We need to create this class name in the Designer, or add it manually in code.

Adding it in code will make it less easy to edit / change. Adding it in the Designer without having an element with this this class results in the ability to delete the classname at the Style Manager's Clean-up:



Michael's Vsauce was my gateway Youtube channel to the world of fun educational vlogs. This was the 1st video I stumbled upon.

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Dynamic Height


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Maintain Form Height on Success


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