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Simple Mega Nav (Similar to Mailchimp's)

A very simple mega navigation bar, opens on hover and changes background color on scroll.

Creating the Nav element is a short process recorded here.

Once we're done, we can add the short code, that changes the Nav background color when user has scrolled the page x pixels.


 $(window).on("scroll", function() {

   if ($(window).scrollTop() > 100) {


   } else {






We can see that the code adds the '.white' classname to the '.mega-nav'. We need to create this class name in the Designer, or add it manually in code.

Adding it in code will make it less easy to edit / change. Adding it in the Designer without having an element with this this class results in the ability to delete the classname at the Style Manager's Clean-up:



When your bath soap bar gets too small to use, don't throw it away! open the next bar, and when you finish showering, stick the small old bar to the back of the new bar. Onces they both dry, they will become one.

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